Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm still in love.

This anxious imperfect man, filled with a past of mistakes and bad decisions, is still very much in love with you. I'm honored to be your lover and hope to remain so forever. I love you for loving me and making me feel like a man. I love you for your playful and kinky style. I love you for the times you let me live out my fantasies. I love you for your being open minded and letting me tell you my deepest fantasies and obsessions without running away. I love you for having patience and putting up with me those times when I feel scared. I love you for your cute face and fascinating body. I love you for your strength in taking care of your family. I love you for your imagination, intelligence, and personality – all of those internal qualities so hard to define. I love you for the care and concern that you show and the giving that you do for all of your friends. I love you for those and so many more reasons.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I belong to Vicki

I am drawn to her more and more as the days go bye. I can barely handle being away from her. She does own me in practically every sense of the word. She added a charm to my collar. It is a dog-tag in the shape of a doggie bone. It lets people know that I am her pet - her puppy. It is so fitting. I will see her again soon and be with her forever more.

Monday, March 8, 2010


My lover and mistress, Vicki, led me to a party a few days ago. It was quite an experience. As her submissive property, I surrendered myself completely to her control. I was given a leash and taken to a place where I was naked and bound. She pulled out her bag of toys and proceeded to use each one on me. From whips to floggers and everything in between – the feelings were quite, well, sensational. She certainly left her mark on me in more ways than one. I swore that I would not beg for her to stop nor tell her that it was too painful for me to take. Instead, I obediently subjected myself to whatever she felt like doing to me. I hope that she calls on me again soon. She has me captivated.

Friday, February 5, 2010

What more can I do?

So for Valentine’s Day, what do you give to someone who means everything to you!? I like to give a little of myself to people I care about but she already holds my heart, mind, and soul. What do you do for the love of your life? I’ll do my best to surprise her and make her happy in every way possible. She owns me and can do as she pleases to me. I can barely wait to see her again. Just to gaze at her in person, to touch her, to taste of her, would fill me with delight. I want her more than words can adequately say.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My All

She is practically all that I think about when I daydream of love and affection. If I hear a favorite song, then images of our times together fill my mind. I gaze at the moon and stars late at night and wonder if she sees the same sky. It moments of quiet reflection, flashbacks of her smiling face and reassuring manner return to me. The sound of her voice seems to make my heart skip a beat. When not with her, life seems dull in comparison. When I am left alone, I go through each day with confidence and assertiveness. Yet, when I am with her, I sometimes don’t know what to say. When I do manage to speak, I occasionally stumble over my words. It is as though she holds my heart, mind, and soul in the palms of her hands. I love her more than words can adequately express. She means everything to me.