Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm still in love.

This anxious imperfect man, filled with a past of mistakes and bad decisions, is still very much in love with you. I'm honored to be your lover and hope to remain so forever. I love you for loving me and making me feel like a man. I love you for your playful and kinky style. I love you for the times you let me live out my fantasies. I love you for your being open minded and letting me tell you my deepest fantasies and obsessions without running away. I love you for having patience and putting up with me those times when I feel scared. I love you for your cute face and fascinating body. I love you for your strength in taking care of your family. I love you for your imagination, intelligence, and personality – all of those internal qualities so hard to define. I love you for the care and concern that you show and the giving that you do for all of your friends. I love you for those and so many more reasons.